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  • Required initial Booking for firearms instruction is two Hours (Safety Brief, Fundamentals and Skills Assessment) $50

  • One Hour Block    $30

  • Two Hour Block    $50

  • Book four Hours   $100 (5 Hour free)

       For scheduled 4 hour blocks please use contact form on the contact page. Enter 5 dates

       and  times you are interested in, the 5th date is free. I will schedule all 5 blocks based on

       your preferences and invoice you for payment. Once payment is received you can attend

       your blocks, please allow time for processing of your payment when scheduling your blocks.

  • 9mm ammo (50 Rounds)  $15 when supplied by SFI

Before attending your scheduled booking please ensure that you have the required safety equipment

  • A firearm that you are comfortable with (loaners available)

  • 50 to 100 rounds of ammunition for your chosen firearm

        You can by ammo at (Walmart, Academy sports, or any Gun store) *Ensure you purchase the right            ammo for the firearm you own or use that I loan you* any questions please feel free to contact me.

  • Eye and Ear protection (electric hearing protection preferred)

  • Additional equipment depending on skill level may include holster, mag pouch and extra magazines.

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