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Celebrating the many people who have improved their shooting skills with the help of “SFi”

My experience with Marv was wonderful! He is very knowledgeable about current gun laws and regulations.
He was very informative and patient in both the classroom and at the range. I felt comfortable and empowered while handling a fire arm after his careful instructions. I would recommend anyone who is interested in learning gun safety to train with him especially any female who is not experienced in weapon handling.


My experience with Marvin was great I was nervous at first but he definitely made me feel comfortable in class and on the range. Being a woman I was scared of guns. However after training with Marvin I learned that the same guns that I feared can one day save my life.  Marvin broadened my knowledge about all the current gun laws and regulations in many states, this class was very informative. I felt very comfortable while handling a Gun for the first time, as he taught us how to hold it properly, using fundemetals. I would definitely recommend anyone who is interested in self  defense and wanting to make sure their family and themselves are safe take this class, it is a Must!  Thank you Marvin can’t wait to purchase my first gun and make sure my family is safe -Andrya R



This was a great experience. Marvin was patient and thorough with all aspects of the training. As a woman he made me feel very comfortable while learning to handle and shoot my firearm. His knowledge during the Handgun permit portion of training with Citizens Safety Academy helped me pass the shooting qualification and provided all the steps need to obtain my permit. Personal training with Marvin was very comfortable and slow paced and helped me improve my skills after obtaining my permit. I would recommend him for anyone who needs to learn how to shoot.



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